Beachwood Bison Swim Club


Mail all checks or bring to the pool:
BBSC Swimming/ Attn Brad
25100 Fairmount Blvd
Beachwood Ohio 44122

BBSC Registration Form:  Follow this link.

Let me know if you have any questions about the team or would like to schedule an evaluation. Email Brad @  PLEASE READ THE ARTICLE BELOW CALLED "DID YOU KNOW".

Please check out for swim lessons.


The team is open to all communities!

Check out the Swimming World Press Release from Swimming World Magazine about the Head Coach Brad and his website.

 Please contact:

Brad Burget @ or call 614-209-4883 

Team evaluations could be done over the phone but we will need to see most of you swim.  The evaluation shouldn't take more than 10 minutes.
Please schedule your team evaluation with Brad via email or phone call. 

Beachwood Bison Swim Club
Did You Know?

Parents and swimmers,

What do you know about your own swim team?
Do you know that all seasonal and daily information is posted on:

Do you know about your coaches?
Do you know about all of our collegiate swimming and coaching experience?
Do you know about your head coaches speaking engagements, articles, and newsletters through
Do you know about past experiences of this staff in winning programs, national and state records as well as champions at both levels?

Please read up and understand we are all committed to excellence and making Beachwood a winning program. Three of us moved to Cleveland for this opportunity and changed our lives to create a great program.

Did you know all books and newsletters are written by Brad? These products have been purchased by most of our local competitors and thousands of teams in the US and around the World. Please visit this site and read about all the information available to you. These programs are the focus of Beachwood’s training philosophies and used for the development of our swimmers mental and physical progression.

Did you know you can view and read about our dryland training on your own website?

Did you know Brad has 13 videos you can use for your personal use?

Did you know Brad has 194 swim/dryland videos on Viddler?

Did you know Brad has 113 dryland/weight lifting videos on Youtube? There have been over 870,000 video views around the world!

Did you know there is more information on Facebook?


Did you know that during a presentation to swim coaches at the National Interscholastic Swim Coaches Association yearly meeting in 2010, Brad introduced a calculation for determining how much time a swimmer could save by swimming in a straight line and not in a circle? The president of Swimming World has placed his calculation on their website, where any coach can show his or her swimmers the importance of swimming in a straight line. Check out the Circle Swim Comparison.

In the last two Olympics, did you know the USA won the medal count for swimming?
Did you know the USA medaled in 27 of the 34 events in 2012. 
Did you know that 75% of the Olympic Swimming Medalists from other countries train in the United States at our Colleges and Universities?

If you would ever like to know what swimming can do for your swimmer in College just ask? Swimming can be the way in to the school of your choice. There are literally thousands of colleges and universities to swim and a lot more choices than you can imagine.

Please let me know at any time if you have any questions or issues. Please remember we are here for the full development of your swimmer and you must understand the whole picture. Swimming is a rough sport where only consistency and proper training will help. We have that support and programming at Beachwood. Your child must develop mentally and physically and at the right time!

Happy Swimming and Go Bison!

Thanks for taking the time to read about your team


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